U-Joint With 4 Grooved Round Bearings 5-170X

The universal joint is used to realize variable angle power transmission. It is used to change the position of the transmission axis direction. It is the “joint” part of the universal transmission device of the automobile drive system.

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The universal joint is used to realize variable angle power transmission. It is used to change the position of the transmission axis direction. It is the “joint” part of the universal transmission device of the automobile drive system.

The combination of the universal joint and the transmission shaft is called the universal joint transmission device. On a vehicle with front engine and rear-wheel drive, the universal joint drive device is installed between the transmission output shaft and the drive axle main reducer input shaft; In front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicles, the drive shaft is omitted, and the universal joint is installed between the front axle, which is responsible for driving and steering, and the wheels.

Product Parameters

B 5-100X 25.4 38.5 5-100X G5-100X 514
B 5-103X 23.83 35 5-103X G5-103X HS410 338
B 5-1200X 27 57.4 5-1200X G5-1200X 429
B 5-1201X 27/28.6 55.5 5-1201X G5-1201X 430
B 5-1203X 27 67.6 5-1203X G5-1203X 433
B 5-1206X 30.188 76.28 5-1206X G5-1206X 427
B 5-12213X 38 57.2 5-12213X GU7300
B 5-1301X 31.3 71.5 5-1301X G5-1301X 304
B 5-1306X 27.4 50.9 5-1306X G5-1306X HS442 315G
B 5-1306X-1 27.4 50.8 5-1306X-1 G5-1306X-1 HS442 317
B 5-1309X 28.6 63.96 5-1309X G5-1309X 316
B 5-1312X 28.6/28.58 91 5-1312X 375
B 5-1501X 25.02 40 5-1501X GUN27 HS420 391
B 5-1502X 26 42 5-1502X GUT13 HS432 394
B 5-1503X 25.02 39.8 5-1503X
B 5-1505X 28.02 52.9 5-1505X GUN29 HS448 393


B 5-1506X 38 57.2 5-1506X GU7300 HS480 463
B 5-1508X 26 53.6 5-1508X GUT12 HS436 390
B 5-1510X 29 49 5-1510X GUT17 HS454 387
B 5-1511X 32 61 5-1511X GUT20 HS470 389
B 5-1514X 22.52 34 5-1514X 385
B 5-2532X 28.6 49 5-2532X 513
B 5-260X 27 52.5 5-260X G5-260X HS162 365
B 5-273X 27 67.6 5-273X G5-273X 433
B 5-297X 30.2 52.5 5-297X G5-297X HS457 371
B 5-297X-1 30.2 52.5 5-297X-1 G5-297X-1 HS457 377
B 5-3011X 28.6 59.9 5-3011X HS453 492
B 5-3147X 28.6 60.2 5-3147X GU6370 HS451 534G
B 5-350X 27 56.8 5-350X 366
B 5-74X 27 52.4 5-74X G5-260X HS441 356
B 5-92X 24.61 34.36 5-92X GGPL-6R HS416 861
B GU2500 31.25 46 5-1300X
B GU7300 38 57.2 5-1506X U730 HS480
B GU7470 42 66


Product Advantages:

1. Large load capacity, the cross shaft mainly bears radial load, but also can bear axial load.
2. Excellent workmanship, each part is made of high-strength metal, stable and durable
3. Quality assurance, the cross shaft uses enough materials to effectively prevent deformation and breakage

How to Replacing A Universal Joint?

Step 1 - Remove Your Driveshaft

After raising your vehicle off the ground with a jack, jack stands, and wheel chocks, you'll need to remove your driveshaft from the vehicle by unbolting it at both ends. Depending on vehicle application, you may encounter one or both of the setups in the above picture. The left picture shows loosening of u-bolts or u-straps nuts.

NOTE! Before removal, mark the relative positions of the shaft and yoke, so that they can be reinstalled in the same "phase".

Using a heavy-duty screwdriver or small pry bar, pry the shaft forward (or rearward) until it's free of the other yoke not attached to the driveshaft, then pull it loose.

Step 2 - Remove The Snap Ring Clips From The Old U-Joint's Bearing Caps

Once you've removed your driveshaft from the vehicle, you'll need to remove the snap ring clips that hold the u-joint's cross piece to the yoke. You'll find specialized c-clip removal tools for inner snap rings (left pic) and needle-nose pliers for outer snap rings (right pic) in the pliers section of our website. Remove the snap rings by squeezing the ends together with the removal tool. If they are overly corroded and don't come free easily, soak the u-joint with some liquid penetrant.

Step 3 - Tap The Old U-Joint Cross Piece Out Of The Yoke Ear

The next step is to tap the old u-joint cross piece out of the yoke ear that it's snugged into. A shop vise is an effective tool for holding the end of the yoke - once you've got it firmly held, use a properly sized punch (or even a socket) and a hammer to tap the joint far enough through so that the cross-piece drops out.

Step 4 - Remove Old Bearing Caps From The Cross Piece Ends

Once you've tapped the joint through the yoke ear, remove the bearing cup in order to fully remove the loose joint section.

Step 5 - Install Your New U-Joint Piece

Pack the new bearing caps (that came with your kit) with u-joint lubricating grease, then fit them onto the prongs of your new cross piece. Depending on the design of your vehicle's yoke, you may be putting on the bearing cups before or after the new cross piece is inserted into the yoke. Coat all parts that make contact with one another with lubricating grease as well. Install the new clips in the same fashion you removed the old ones. You've now got a new universal joint installed, so go ahead and re-install your driveshaft.